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Fold a TOPS [ONE] Tetrahedron

TOPS [ONE] is the hottest new CAM Management app around! In honor of its launch at CAMfire 2016, we've created a fun TOPS [ONE] tetrahedron, and an instructional paper folding video for you to follow along with."

Win Clients through Professional Branding

The importance of branding for CAM companies (things many people overlook), how the image that you portray speaks to your prospective clients, and actionable items that you can take away that almost anyone can benefit from.

Social Media for CAMs

Condo/HOA blogger and attorney, Donna DiMaggio Berger, gives a rundown on popular Social Media networks and blogging, and how association managers can use these outlets to their advantage.

5 P's that undermine Ethics

Julie Adamen shared 5 simple words at CAMfire 2014 that help explain why we often end up compromising our ethics [1 min 52 sec].

[Infographic] What is CAMfire?

CAMfire will help you make your business better. We designed an infographic that shows you all that you can expect at CAMfire 2016. This infographic shows session categories, keynote speakers and more of what's at CAMfire.

Why They Buy

James Bradley, MBA and Senior Vice President of State Bank (and former management company owner) shares his innovative views on winning and keeping community association clients.

[Video] CAMfire 2014

Some glimpses of CAMfire 2014 in St. Petersburg Florida.

TOPS User Conference
Mt. Laurel, NJ — 2013

The second TOPS User Conference of 2013 took place in the Philadelphia area (Mt. Laurel, NJ) in August. The conference brought together TOPS users and TOPS staff at the Westin hotel, for a day of sharing knowledge about TOPS' software solutions.

TOPS User Conference
Las Vegas — 2013

"What happens in Las Vegas stays on Facebook and YouTube forever." Get some glimpses at how the first ever TOPS User Conference in Las Vegas lit up the town!

TOPS User Conference
Orlando — 2013

TOPS' largest conference of 2013 drew participants from North and South to warm, sunny Orlando. Attendees were treated to a day full of TOPS classes, one-on-one sessions with TOPS Support staff, three amazing meals and a magical performance by Drew Thomas Magic, semi-finalists on TV's "America's Got Talent."

Defining Your Management Company

Community Association Management companies often struggle to increase profitability. This slide deck explains how management of your client portfolio can help increase profits. This presentation was originally presented at CAMfire 2014 in Las Vegas.

Transformational Technologies

Kevin Ergenbright demonstrated the transformational technologies that defined community association management in the past, and explored the technologies that will transform the future of the industry. Take a ride on the way back machine in the slide presentation he gave at CAMfire.

Corporate Culture

What is your company's culture? Well, you have one whether you know it or not! At CAMfire 2014, Mike Hardy spoke about building a "Corporate Culture." This slide deck is what TOPS uses for new employee orientations.

"Inbound" Marketing for Your Management Company

Resident TOPS marketer Andrea Drennen talks inbound marketing. Learn how your management company can implement an effective marketing strategy with minimal resources, tools and services.

Condo & HOA Payments: Then and Now

In this slidedeck, Ben Truehart explores the past of how homeowners pay their dues, and makes a well-researched and data backed case for online payment processing for community associations.

Seduce Your Prospects

Based on the CAMfire Spark webinar, "Behavioral Economics for Community Association Management," this slide deck demonstrates how to use emotion to help property management companies evoke a loving response from their proposals and get association boards to sign the contract.

The Key to Productive HOA Board Meetings

This presentation by Mickel Graham, PCAM of Union Bank explores the elements that make up a great community association board of directors meeting. By incorporating the practices of great communication into your meeting, you can guarantee success every time.

A Brief History of TOPS

Here we share with you a story told by the founder of TOPS, Jeff Hardy. This talk was given at the closing ceremony at the CAMfireConference in Las Vegas, NV.

CAMfire 2014

Photos of presenters, attendees and excitement at the first CAMfire Conference.

The TOPS CAMfire Team

Group photos from St. Petersburg and Las Vegas.

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