CAMfire provides engaging opportunities for all Community Association Management professionals, featuring CAM industry tracks and tracks for TOPS users of all skill levels.

CAMfire 2017 will consist of many classes featuring CAM industry topics such as communications, customer service, technology, and board management, as well as classes specific to TOPS applications.

Session Categories


Engaging Keynote presentations will be delivered by:
Anthony Ianarino
• James Bradley
• Rolf Crocker
• Mike Hardy

Spotlight STAGE

The CAMfire Conference has a number of industry vendors that work with TOPS to integrate services with your community association data. Come hear them present their products and services in 10 minute sessions on the "Spotlight Stage"!


Ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a new TOPS feature? Join the TOPS product team to see what we are working on with the new Architectural Module, and share your feedback and experience to make it even better!

Hands-on Lab

Get hands-on experience with new products and features. We will have a few machines on hand, or bring your own device for a custom experience!

community management 101

These workshop classes, led by Julie Adamen, are designed to instruct and inform new managers and provide a basic overview of community associations and the job of a community manager.


Want to grow your CAM business? From marketing techniques to new technologies to increasing profitability, these growth hacks will give you actionable advice you can put to immediate effect to grow and thrive.

Accounting & Financial

Whether it is accounting best practices or a 'How To' for accounting features in TOPS, these sessions are designed for the accounting professional. Keep up on financial trends and learn a thing or two!

CAM Management

As a community association manager, you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses - you're too busy sniffing out the dog poo someone left under the rosebush. We'll teach you tips and techniques to save time and make your life a little easier.

Automation & TECHNOLOGY

You are always on the lookout for tips and techniques that will make your job easier and more efficient. From better ways to use TOPS to the latest trends, these sessions are all about time-savers that make you and your clients happy.

Communication & Culture

Communication, whether internal or external, shapes your company, both internally and externally. In these sessions you will learn how to implement changes in your organization to improve communications and make a positive change.

It's more than a TOPS User Conference.

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