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About the CAMfire Conference

What is CAMfire?

The CAMfire Conference is a gathering of Community Association Management professionals, thought leaders and TOPS Software users in an open, engaging environment.


The mission of CAMfire is to INFORM you about CAM industry trends, INSPIRE you to be a positive force, and IGNITE in you a passion to serve. CAMfire is where CAM professionals can gather to learn, network and build fruitful relationships.


CAMfire is for all Community Association professionals including: TOPS users of any skill level, accounting professionals, property managers and management company executives.

Slide Presentations from CAMfire

  • Transformational Technologies

    Kevin Ergenbright demonstrated the transformational technologies that defined community association management in the past, and explored the technologies that will transform the future of the industry. Take a ride on the way back machine in the slide presentation he gave at CAMfire (edited).

  • Corporate Culture

    Mike Hardy spoke about building a "Corporate Culture" at your company. He shared the TOPS culture deck is used for new employee orientations. View it here.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Resident TOPS marketer Andrea Drennen talks inbound marketing. Learn how your management company can implement an effective marketing strategy with minimal resources, tools and services. View it here.

  • More slide decks coming soon...


CAMfire Sessions are divided into 4 categories:

  • TOPS Fundamentals

    If you are new to TOPS, these sessions were designed specifically for you. Learn the basic ins and outs of TOPS to help make your job a little easier with these Beginner classes.

  • CAM Industry

    We work in an incredibly unique industry. Which mean there are unique business strategies that you as professional should be executing. These sessions are tailored specifically to help you run your CAM business.

  • TOPS Advanced

    So, you and TOPS Software have been buddies for a while? Well, I am sure there are still some things you don’t know about one another! Take your relationship to the next level with these more advanced level TOPS classes!

  • CAM Executive

    We have complied an impressive array of sessions specifically tailored to you, the TOP level executive! These sessions hold all the secrets to help you take your company to the next level!

You will be able to choose from ANY of the classes below.
4 classes will be conducted at one time,
with 16 classes conducted each day.

Click on a class title below for a description.

TOPS Fundamentals Sessions

Every accounting period there are specific tasks that need to be performed. This series will encompass the full CAM accounting cycle from start to finish. [Part 1/4: Applying charges and posting payments, and more.]

Every accounting period there are specific tasks that need to be performed. This series will encompass the full CAM accounting cycle from start to finish. [Part 2/4: Late fees, interest and collections, and more.]

Every accounting period there are specific tasks that need to be performed. This series will encompass the full CAM accounting cycle from start to finish. [Part 3/4: Accounts Payable, and more.]

Every accounting period there are specific tasks that need to be performed. This series will encompass the full CAM accounting cycle from start to finish. [Part 4/4: GL Month End and Reconciliation, and more.]

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of all those spreadsheets where you've been keeping owner birth dates, parking spaces and the date of Fido's last check up? Learn how to manage an unlimited number of custom "Flex Data" fields in TOPS.

The key to great community management is communication. Discover how to create form letters, format letters and check spelling, insert merge codes, and generate letters for printing or emailing.

Brush up on your troubleshooting skills so you know how to identify common error messages; when to rebuild, when to reboot and when to call the experts at TOPS Support.

These are the people in your neighborhood. Learn how to keep track of who's who and where they belong in the TOPS Owner Module.

Advanced TOPS Sessions

It's time to put your collected data to use. We reveal how grids in TOPS iQ can help you organize, filter, search and export community data.

…is worth a pound of cure. Extend the life of your community with preventative maintenance. Learn how to set up Preventative Maintenance items from the Calendar to Work Orders to completion with TOPS Go!

Tired of vendors fixing the wrong thing or owners disputing violations? You need photographic evidence! Walk away knowing how to utilize TOPS Go! to document issues and prevent conflict.

What could you do with an extra ten hours a month? Discover how leveraging CCR Batches will accelerate your violation process.

In this time of economic recovery and changing laws, you need to use every collections tool at your disposal. Learn how to leverage advanced collection processes such as payment plans, accelerated assesments and optimizing your collection table.

Are you hand-entering thousands of checks each month? Master the use of AR automation tools in TOPS such as Lockbox, ACH and Check Scanning to shave hours off your processing time!

Does processing vendor invoices each month feel like an epic journey? Walk away knowing how to consolidate the payables process using Global AP.

Balance sheet out of balance? Owner payments gone up in smoke? AR not tying to the GL? Learn how to identify and resolve these and other accounting issues.

CAM Industry Sessions

Negotiation with an angry homeowner is like trying to talk to a lion once he charges. Come learn some fundamental techniques on how to negotiate with homeowners, vendors, and even your significant other! — presented by Alan Crandall, VP, Mutual of Omaha Bank

Tips for conducting a board meeting in a positive manner. Keep board members on the same page and moving in the right direction. — presented by Mickel Graham, VP, Union Bank

Clear and consistent messaging makes the difference between functional and dysfunctional communities. Learn how to use modern communication tools to keep your owners informed, interested and engaged.

Marketing your management company using Inbound marketing techniques. — presented by Andrea Drennen

There is a global conversation that's going on around you. Join the discussion.

Accounts Payable tools available today that help Managers and alleviate risk concerns for Boards. — presented by Tyler Gill, CEO, Strongroom

Are you hand-entering thousands of checks each month? Master the use of AR automation tools in TOPS such as Lockbox, ACH and Check Scanning to shave hours off your processing time! — presented by Trapp Online & Mike Egelston, CEO of SenEarthCo

Management professionals tell their stories of going paperless.

CAM Executive Sessions

The three P's of winning and keeping community association clients. — presented by James Bradley, State Bank

There is no one way to grow a business. This session will dive into two different approaches – organic growth and growth through acquisition with critical data and strategies for each. — presented by Brook Silvestri and Lo Andrews

What does your portfolio say about you. Learn how defining your management company can empower your business. — presented by Jeff Hardy, founder of TOPS Software & Craig Huntington, President of Alliance Association Bank

How homeowners and businesses prefer to pay their bills can substantially affect your accounts receivable. Get the scoop on the latest payment trends, predictions for the future, and what it means for your organization. — presented by Ben Truehart, SVP, PayLease

In today's competitive association management landscape, your management company needs an edge. We will explore the cost, benefits, and risks of strategic outsourcing. — presented by Mickey McGuire, National Sales Manager, SouthData & Craig Huntington, President, Alliance Association Bank

The executive-client relationship: Applying relationship management techniques to client retention. — presented by Julie Adamen

Your company has a culture-planned or not. Why not create the one that leads to success? — presented by Mike Hardy, President, TOPS Software

Management companies are facing a rapidly changing technology landscape, and senior leaders are struggling to determine how new technology capabilities can be leveraged to improve service and reduce cost. We will review some of the key technologies available today and discuss how any company can leverage them. —presented by Dan Haumann.

CAMfire Speakers

CAMfire 2014 brought together over 20 industry thought-leaders who presented CAM-centric classes and TOPS classes, led panel discussions, delivered engaging keynotes.
Julie Adamen
Julie is a consultant and employment service provider to Common Interest Development executives, managers and affiliates. She is a nationally known author, publisher, speaker and educator in community management. Read more about Julie...
Julie Adamen

President of Adamen, Inc.

Paul Grucza
Paul is an active member of the National Faculty for CAI, training and educating new managers, board members and homeowners in association management techniques and skills. He is an active past-President of Community Associations Institute (CAI). Read more about Paul...
Paul Grucza

Past CAI President, Lecturer

Rolf Crocker
Rolf started his Association Management Career in 1988. Since then, Rolf has served in a variety of capacities on both the management and vendor sides. Rolf is a recent Chapter President for the SF Bay Area/Central Chapter of CAI and is very involved as a speaker, trainer and author.
Rolf Crocker

COO, Axis Construction

Mike Hardy
Mike has specialized in technology and web-based software for over 15 years. He guides TOPS to develop industry leading Property Management software and is passionate about the CAM industry. His vision to make the CAMfire Conference an industry-wide event is a testament to his passion.
Mike Hardy

President and CEO, TOPS Software

Craig Huntington
Craig is a well-respected and distinguished industry speaker. He has been presenting managerial, leadership and motivational presentations for the past 20 years, and has spoken at CAI conferences, management companies, executive retreats and strategic meetings in more than 15 states.
Craig Huntington

President, Alliance Assoc. Bank

Jeff Hardy
Jeff is a pioneer in CAM software development. He founded TOPS almost 30 years ago after working as an accountant of two Fortune 500 companies, and later, owner of a Property Management company with 15,000 homes. Today, he continues to be involved with TOPS as Chairman.
Jeff Hardy

Founder of TOPS Software

Mickey McGuire
Mickey has been a part of the Property Management industry for almost 25 years. He is a specialist in billing documents and other association communications, and often shares this complex and important aspect of Property Management with groups and CAI chapter events across the US.
Mickey McGuire

National Sales Manager, SouthData

Mike Egelston
Prior to joining Cities Management, Mr. Egelston worked in the transportation and printing industries, managing several multi-million dollar operations the Twin Cities area. Mr. Egelston has a proven track record in growing, managing and turning around medium sized businesses.
Mike Egelston

CEO, Cities Mgmt. & SenEarthCo

Tyler Gill
Tyler leads the strategic direction of Strongroom, and has held executive management positions for other software companies. He has also worked with banks and financial institutions to provide investment products.  Mr. Gill holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.
Tyler Gill

CEO, Strongroom

Nicole Beal
Nicole is a Florida LCAM with over 15 years experience in the community management industry. As Director of Professional Services at TOPS, she assists new users as they transition to TOPS from other products, and assists existing users as their needs change with the industry.
Nicole Beal

Director of TOPS Prof. Services

James is former association management company owner, city planner, and Association auditor. He has taught behavioral economics and international business at the University level. James will help you incorporate behavioral economics into your association marketing plans.
James A. Bradley, MBA

SVP/Director State Bank

Kim Repass
Kim is an accounting specialist with extensive knowledge in property management. She is a former licensed CAM Manager and bookkeeper. Kim has helped TOPS customers for over 10 years as technical support lead, Quality Assurance Manager and as a TOPS Trainer.
Kim Hendrix

TOPS Prof. Services Consultant

Mickel Graham
Mickel has over 29 years work experience in real estate, with 24 years in CAM management. He has worked as a CAM Manager, and later a COO for one the largest community association management firms in Georgia. He has committed to continued education for the Community Association industry.
Mickel Graham, PCAM

VP, Union Bank

Ashish Patel
Ashish is the owner of Pilera Software, LLC., an advanced communication and data management solution for community management. Mr. Patel has a Masters in Software Engineering.
Ashish Patel

Owner, Pilera Software

Lo Andrews
Lo is SVP, National Sales Executive for Association Capital Bank. He has held various senior sales roles over twenty years at JPMorgan Chase (formerly Bank One) in the Global Treasury Services sales group. Lo is a former National Basketball Association (NBA) draft pick of the Kansas City Kings.
Lo Andrews

Senior VP, Association Capital Bank

Andrea Drennen
Andrea is the primary author of the TOPS CAMblog, a valued resource for Community Association Management Professionals. In addition to being a marketing specialist, Andrea has a deep knowledge of software development, technology and issues affecting CAM professionals.
Andrea Drennen

Marketing Manager, TOPS Software

Diana Kral
Diana has a background in IT and years of experience working for a property management company. She draws on that background, along with her deep knowledge of TOPS, to offer a complete training experience for TOPS clients.
Diana Kral

TOPS Prof. Services Consultant

Kevin Ergenbright
Kevin is a dynamic professional and strategic innovator with progressive experience in successfully directing complex projects, developing strategies and leading high performance teams to further enhance key sales initiatives and overall business operations.
Kevin Ergenbright

Director of Sales, TOPS Software

Deb White
Deborah's background is in Computer Support and Networking. After 13 years at TOPS, she has extensive knowledge of TOPS Software products and the CAM industry. She specializes in implementation and training of new and existing clients.
Deborah White

TOPS Prof. Services Consultant

Alan Crandall
Alan has specialized in association banking services for the past 23 years. He has owned his own HOA management company in Northern CA and is a former instructor for the CA Association of Community Managers. He speaks regularly on banking issues specific to the CAM industry.
Alan Crandall

Senior VP, Mutual of Omaha Bank

Brook Silvestri
Brook establishes payment capture systems for property management firms, finances repair projects for common interest communities, analyzes and invests reserve balances, and assists with mergers and acquisitions. He authors the industry blog CondoT@lk.
Brook Silvestri

Senior VP, Association Capital Bank

Dan Haumann
Dan has a unique background — a combination of both Real Estate Management and Information Technology leadership. His focus is on delivering higher levels of service to clients through a unique team-based management approach, innovative processes and technology solutions.
Dan Haumann

President, Advocate Property Mgmt

Ben Truehart
Ben has over 10 years of experience in the payments and property management industries. He is a frequent speaker at events catering to property management professionals, and is a regular speaker for PayLease’s property management industry webinar series.
Ben Truehart

SVP, PayLease

DJ Jones
DJ Jones is an award winning marketing veteran who leads a team of professionals in creating and implementing both internal and affiliate campaigns. He specializes in building channel partner programs that expand a company’s reach into vertical markets.
DJ Jones

VP Marketing, Trapp Online

2014 CAMfire Venues

CAMfire—St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg
  • August 7-8, 2014

    Thanks to everyone who came out and made CAMfire St. Pete a great event!

CAMfire—Las Vegas

Las Vegas
  • August 7-8, 2014

    CAMfire Las Vegas rocked! Thank you to everyone who attended!